Wonderful Ampang Hilir Condo For Rent And Purchase

Make sure that there are no extraordinary maintenance to be done (such as the refurbishment of the roof) since these represents a huge cost. If they are present, it can become a good leverage for price bargaining. In the case of buying an apartment in a condominium such as an ampang hilir property, make sure if the extraordinary expenses have already been approved (in which case they are due to the seller) or are planned for the future. These are the options that you can opt for.

Perfect home. And in twenty years?

This brings us to the end of the first half of our advice. You have visited the house, you have examined it, analyzed it. You have weighed the pros and cons: the decision is now made. We at ampang hilir condo for rent, however, ask you one final question: is it the house such as an ampang hilir house for sale you were looking for, but will it still be in twenty years? Buyers often tend to think immediately and not project their choices into the future. For example, a multi-level home might look attractive today, but when will there be small children? Or when you are older and stairs could be a problem? This is just a case, and each of us has needs that evolve over time. Take them into consideration.

And you, do you have any other advice to add?

Before making the purchase proposal, you should ask to be able to carry out further inspections. Here we advise you to bring with you an expert (if you don’t think you are) who can help you understand if the plumbing and electrical systems are in place if there are structural problems with the fixtures or the property that could escape an eye. not expert. Rather, pay a fee of a few hundred euros rather than load a hole of tens if not hundreds of thousands of euros of future work on your back.

Also ask for all the cadastral data verifying that there are no problems:

if there are any, however, the bank will not grant you the loan as the appraisal will not be successful.

Last tip:

Ask the condominium administrator if there are any deliberate works, if they are being discussed and what the air is like among the other condominiums. Better to know first if you have to do some work within 12-24 months and come up with more money, it can be a weapon to negotiate on the final purchase price.

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