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Many business owners nowadays have hired web developers from <ahref= “https://jumixdesign.com/”>web design Penang</a> company because it is very important to have a website for your company as users on the Internet are increasing every day. One of the many reasons why you should hire a web designer is because there are many types of web design and you would need a good web design to attract more users to your website. With having a lot of users on your website, there are more possibilities for engagement, connection, and of course, customers. But if you already have a website, let us learn a few types of website design that can give you clarity and understanding in this matter more. Hence, once you have learned this, you could decide how your website would look like to your users.

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The first type of web design you should know is the web minimalist design. Web minimalist design is mostly used for fashion and furniture businesses because the theme itself defines elegance and simplicity. No customers like to see messy and chaotic because they are basically surrounded by that environment. Thus, people want something simple and more soothing. That is why fashion and furniture companies would usually use nude colors or display only one product compared to having them surrounded by a typical environment. Nevertheless, they would still provide long shot images but they have to make sure that the environment is providing more space and not too crowded. If you own a fashion line or furniture store, this is definitely something you can consider. 

Apart from that, there is also a flat web design. Flat web design is usually something people would go to the typical website because it is almost the simplest method to go to when you just want to have a basic website for your company. Normally a startup company would definitely have this kind of web design because it is simple, but for me personally, I would not recommend this web design if you would like your business to work longer, because basically web design is defining your products and services, and I think users will see your website as too simple and lazy. 

Last but not least, something that you can have as an option is typography web design. I get a little too excited when I stumble on this point because this requires more creativity. This type of web design is when your company is selling mainly services in design, such as logos for t-shirt or brands. Nevertheless, typography web design can also be used for portfolios and selling products, your web designer has to be creative in doing this.

To summarize, I do not think you should be worried about anything as you are hiring someone who is independently creative in this sort of matter. I am sure that they will give you more knowledge about their experiences and creativities. Furthermore, never forget to look at their portfolios and past projects to understand more about the types of design that they are capable of doing. This will also save you time more, as you do not have to re-instruct them to re-do their drafts and designs for your company.

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