The Unforeseen Dangers Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and anticipated events for married couples as it is the first step to becoming a parent. In some rare cases, a mother can give birth to multiple children in a single birth, although it could lead to financial issues and a lot of effort into taking care of multiple children.

However, there are a few complications that married couples must keep in mind to prepare themselves whenever they encounter these problems. One of the main dangers of pregnancy is the mother is prone to miscarriage by many sources, both externally and internally. The factors could vary from mother to mother, but there are some ways that mothers could miscarriage their child. For example, medication can negatively affect the child as they are prone to the effects of the mother’s medication, even during breastfeeding. Most importantly, there are also some medications that are classified as Fetal Toxicity which could threaten the livelihood of the fetus. This will cause low birth weight in babies and are more prone to illnesses and disabilities such as blindness, respiratory infections and learning disabilities. So, make sure you consult with your doctors whenever you are planning on having a child and they will recommend you alternatives or would ask you to stop taking medications temporarily. Mental health is also one of the major factors that will affect childbirth as severe depression and stress could cause miscarriage. One of the most common cases of miscarriage is due to physical injury on the mother’s stomach, which endangers the live of the fetus during pregnancy. During late stages of pregnancy, women are more prone to dangers that could lead to abortion, most commonly through external forces. By receiving a certain amount of impact, the force could fatally injure the fetus, causing an abortion. 

In most cases, these issues can be solved through cesarean delivery, maintaining personal hygiene and vaccinations, but the result will be completely reliant on the mother’s effort to prevent such complications from happening. But most importantly, the life of the fetus is entirely reliant on how the mother is taking care of herself as they are prone to many dangers during the stages of pregnancy that could waste their care and effort. Having extra help will definitely help pregnant mothers to obtain daily necessities or to provide protection for anything that could harm them. Additionally, socializing can help to improve their mental health as they will receive advice on what to do and expect.

If you manage to overcome the hurdles of pregnancy, then congratulations! There will be many problems that will come in the future, but through hard work and sheer will, your efforts will be rewarded. Just make sure you prepare some nursing pads just in case you might overproduce breast milk.

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