The Pros And Cons Of Living In A High Rise Property

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You have saved up enough money to get yourself a house. Between a landed property and a high-rise property, you feel that getting a high-rise property is the best option for you. To point out, both landed property and high-rise property have their pros and cons. This article will explain the pros and cons of living in a high-rise property. 

The Pros

  • Security – In this day, security for high-rise property has been tighter than before to ensure the safety of the residence. In the past, at most, high-rise property will have a security guard at the entrance to guard the place. The downside is that, if outsiders manage to sneak past security, it may pose threats to the residence. However, current high-rise property has leveled up its security by handing out access cards to residents to go into the building. Meaning, those without an access key or card will not be able to go in. Additionally, there are also security cameras everywhere.
  • Great view – The purpose of living in a high-rise property is to enjoy the scenery. Albeit, this may not be for everyone. If you are the type of person who enjoys looking at the scenery, then this is for you. The pros of this is that you can go chill on your balcony by looking at the view. This whole experience is just magical as you get to see everything from above. To take note, the location of the high rise will always have to be a factor.
  • Amenities – High-rise properties these days offer great amenities for their residents. Examples of amenities that high-rise property offers (vary from place to place), are gym facilities, swimming pool, food court, and convenience stores. You can basically get a lot of things within the community without having to drive out for it.

The Cons

  • No pets allowed – Normally, a high-rise property prohibits the ownership of pets. This will be a turn off for you if you are a pet lover, and you have plans to own any pets.
  • Monthly maintenance fee – There are pros and cons for this reason. The cons of living in a high-rise property are that you are required to pay a maintenance fee monthly, often not cheap. But, the pros of this is that every resident also has to pay this monthly maintenance fee to ensure to keep the place well managed such as lift maintenance, well-kept amenities, and also to keep the place dated.
  • Closed community – Unlike landed property, this community in the high-rise property is closed. It will be hard to find yourself interacting with strangers as you all don’t have the reason to go out, as you all do not have a porch. The only time you can find yourself interacting with the people there is when maybe you are using the amenities. This con is a nightmare for extrovert people and heaven for introverts.

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