Matters That Needing Attention When Renting A House

Hulu Langat

Many people need to start renting when they graduate from high school and move to another city for college. Others need to start planning for their future property when they graduate from university and enter the workforce. In any case, when our own economic ability is not good enough, we have to rent to solve the problem of accommodation.

So, what should we pay attention to when renting a house?

First, how do you find a house for rent? There are two possible approaches. The first is through acquaintances, the Internet or advertisements. This method saves money, but it takes time and effort. The second is to entrust a professional Internet rental platform to avoid any intermediary fees. It saves time and effort. For example, we can use Edgeprop to see what houses are available at Hulu Langat at this stage. In either way, it is important to know the average rental market price in the area where you want to rent.

Then, we always want to find a house as soon as possible, so we should do some planning when looking for a house. First, we should make clear our own requirements for the house, such as an independent kitchen or independent bathroom, elevator room and so on. In the screening of the most close to their own rental requirements of the house, before contact. Second, we have to calculate the cost of transportation and time. Houses in the city center are expensive and have little space, but the inconvenience of transportation in remote areas can also add to the cost. Therefore, the best choice is the edge area with convenient transportation in the big business area. Third, if you choose to share, then try to choose a two or three bedroom house. Since the rent for the bathroom and kitchen is split among the rooms, the fewer rooms there are, the more each room actually costs. But having too many bedrooms can affect the quality of living, so two or three bedrooms are the most cost-effective.

Hulu Langat

Next, what should we pay attention to when we visit the house? First, we should pay attention to the surrounding environment of the house and the overall supporting facilities. Check whether the house is close to the road, light and ventilation, but also ask about the surrounding facilities, such as department stores, bus routes and medical conditions. Second, check the doors and windows. Check the performance of security doors, windows and sanitary conditions of the house. Third, check the configuration inside the house. Check whether furniture and home appliances are aging or have exceeded the prescribed use period, and understand the matters needing attention for gas tools, showers and other items.

In addition, after the house is determined to rent, the house can be handed over. What should we pay attention to when handing over the house? First, check the fixtures. If the item does not work properly or is damaged, you can ask the landlord to repair it. If the landlord promised to change, it is necessary to explain in the contract. Second, the inspection of the property department should be as an annex to the contract. If you rent through an intermediary, the intermediary company will provide a property list as an annex to the contract and indicate the extent of damage. Third, change the locks. After the handover of the building, replace the lock core as soon as possible. After formal occupancy, if there is a fault in the normal use of the facilities, you should immediately find the landlord or intermediary.

The rental process can often take a long time, so remember to start your search well in advance of the expiration date of your last accommodation. Roommates have a great influence on our renting experience, so it is best to choose to share with classmates or acquaintances. When renting a house, don’t forget to check the legal documents of the house.

We can all find our own corner in this city. So, don’t be discouraged!…

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