Perfect Apartment For Sale in Puchong

A buyer’s broker for an apartment for sale in Puchong can guide and advise you through all or part of the home purchase phase. Among other things with finding the right home, negotiating prices, and preparing various legal documents either for a fixed fee or a percentage of the amount the price is negotiated down with.

Some real estate chains also offer to help as buyer brokers, but be aware that buyer brokers may not mediate e.g. insurance and loans from the chain’s potential partners.

Prices vary depending on whether you meet in person or by email. At the same time, packages are offered where you can have a refund statement or purchase agreement or additional advice prepared.

Financial advice

If you want financial advice outside the bank and guidance with all financial aspects of the house purchase: Ie. the financing of the home, choice of bank and loan, calculation of available amount and debt factor as well as future costs for conversion, expansion, etc.

Legal advice

A number of legal documents and questions are typically included in a home sale. A housing lawyer can prepare a deed, examine which easements are registered on a property, and review cooperatives’ accounts and general meeting minutes. However, the latter is also done automatically by the bank if you need to borrow money for the cooperative home. 

Some real estate attorneys offer to make use of a so-called attorney reservation if you feel pressured to approve the purchase agreement and need more time to review the documents. But the word “lawyer for retention” is misleading, as it does not have to be a lawyer but can also be another adviser who has a sense of the legal documents.

Technical advisor

The technical consultant reviews the physical condition of the apartment / house and secures you against unpleasant technical surprises with the roof, basement, electrical installations, etc. .

The Internet

On the web, you can quickly get an overview of housing prices and loan prices. 

The condition report and the change of ownership insurance: Read carefully and see for yourself

If your first home purchase is a house, you need to know what a condition report actually describes and how you are subsequently covered by the change of ownership insurance. Get an overview here.

Condition report:

The purpose of a condition report is that a change of ownership insurance can thereby be taken out. It is not a damage report of the problems that are in the house in relation to a brand new house. But you can also check out condo for rent in Klang, and if you are interested in this article, maybe you would like to read more, click here.

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