Multi Level Marketing: A Blessing Or Curse?

Coronavirus has negatively affected everyone across the world and the economy is hitting a recession, which leads to most companies shutting down and a massive increase in unemployed citizens. Because of that, many people are financially struggling to purchase daily necessities as they wait out the pandemic. However, there are a few ways to generate income that even the most uninitiated can do which is multi level marketing. 

Multi level marketing, or MLM, is one of the many options to generate income. In this industry, MLM companies recruit distributors who would sell their products in various venues. These distributors are able to recruit people who would work under them and receive commissions as well. What makes people invest into the MLM business is because it allows distributors to sell products as easily as at the comfort of their beds. Of course, distributors would have to pay out of their own pockets to supply themselves before they officially sell the products to whoever their targets are.

As a MLM company recruits more people, more issues arise with communication being the major issue. Although smartphones provide free communication apps for users, keeping track of all of your customers can be tedious. These inconveniences would lead to mlm software development which provides multiple functionality and tools to improve the companies’ productivity. Some MLM software allow their users to form groups and assign different colors which help suppliers to quickly identify and contact certain distributors. Additionally, the software allows anyone to upload files and save time as assigned distributors can download the files or any new recruits have access to educational materials without having to sit through a seminar. And best of all, some MLM software have their own mobile apps which allow users to have access to the software’s services in their smartphone. This helps both suppliers and distributors to communicate with each other and keep each other up-to-date of any happenings. 

Despite that, MLM is an infamous marketing strategy as most MLM companies are reported to be using a pyramid scheme. This can be found even in major MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife and Tupperware. One of the reasons why they are able to generate so much attention is because they would prey on people who are financially struggling and offer naive people into joining their cause. 

Although it is widely known as an unethical business practice, most MLM companies still continue using this scheme to sustain their business. The reasons why these companies integrate the scheme into their business practice is unknown, but they still manage to operate and protect their company image. If you want to invest into the MLM industry, it all comes down to your luck and how much you are willing to invest.

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