How to Save Up For Your Next Big Adventure

Traveling is not for the rich. It is not only for the rich brokers of the world. 

Researching and trying to read indonesia forex brokers review is not the way you can get to travel around the world. Contrary to the popular belief, traveling is not reserved for one social group of the community. The travel world has a place for everyone. Traveling is an experience meant to be devoured no matter where we are. While not everyone can afford a private luxury five-star resort, we can enjoy a country without having to break our bank.

Travel can be a sustainable experience that elevates our own knowledge and mindset while helping others. As I said, it should be an experience rather than a materialistic purchase. While we can’t exactly pack our bags in the middle of the pandemic, we can prepare and save for the post-pandemic travel world. There has never been a better time to save up for your next big adventure. 

So what are some ways we can save up money to explore the beautiful tropics of Asia or to the Moorish landscapes of Europe? 

  1. Cut Out On The Food Deliveries 

Food Deliveries take up a huge bulk of our money. While we don’t realize how much we keep spending on an overall, it catches up quickly. Even the extra five bucks on the delivery can bulk up too fast too soon. People tend to constantly order food, especially after a busy day of work or during lunch break. While it may be impossible to cook at work, we can always plan carefully the night before and pack some food for lunch. If we learn to stop eating out and ordering and delivering food every day of the week, we can see a huge change in our savings. Keep track of the days you don’t order online and check on how much you saved!

  1. Stop Spending Your Time On Amazon (or its equivalent) 

Shoppee, Lazada, Amazon, Etsy are all great inventions for mankind. It made shopping very convenient and quite cheap. While we understand the benefit, some people overindulge in the good of e-commerce platforms. When we indulge too much it takes up a huge chunk of our money. Marketing today is done so well to play with one’s self-control and e-commerce platforms take advantage of these very tactics. Be careful of how much you are exposing yourself to eCommerce platforms. 

  1. Save Up The Greens 

When I say the greens I don’t mean literally, greens. I established a technique of saving all of my green-colored banknotes and after a year I was about to save up at least $500 dollars. That was crazy because I did not realize it was possible. Choose a banknote color of your choice. My country has colors ranging from blue, yellow, pink, and green. I chose green. You can choose even a number or a color, depending on your preference. Start saving up the banknote of your choice and stashing it in your tiny piggy bank. 

  1. Keep Track Of your Own Expenses 

Keeping track of your own expense is one of the best ways to save. When we see how much we spend, we can plan how much to cut out and things we can do to save the money. Also when we track we become more organized and better at money management, you won’t mindlessly reach for the expensive tasteless bowl of food if you are mindful of your money. 

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