How Serious Vaping Is Impacting Your Health 

What Is Vaping?

The Ministry of Health Malaysia (2015) defines electronic cigarettes as electronic devices that contain nicotine. Although many say that electronic cigarettes are a substitute for tobacco cigarettes, there are, in principle, more adverse effects on consumers. Philosophically, electronic cigarettes do not help in the process of quitting smoking. 

The Act of Vaping

First and foremost, the act of vaping. Vaping is not good for your health. The development of the current technology in this century has given many effects and also benefits to the universal human being. The current race of technology as well as human thought and ideology continues to increase rapidly in line with the development of knowledge while providing a lot of comfort to human beings.

Yet, this comfort causes modern man to be ignorant of the meaning of hardship and increasingly trapped in various negative symptoms, especially smoking or more specifically, using electronic cigarettes. The use of electronic cigarettes is a habit that is no stranger to our society. This habit is clearly visible everywhere regardless of place, race and religion. In terms of age, not only adults are involved but also teenagers, and this is even more worrying because the earlier they start the habit of using electronic cigarettes, the harder it is for them to stop this negative practice.

How Many People That Vape In The World And In Malaysia 

Based on statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011, there were 7 million e-cigarette users worldwide. By 2018, that number will increase to 41 million. Worldwide vaping sales reached $ 15.7 billion in 2018 and will be expected to reach $ 40 billion in 2023 (Jones, 2018). The three largest vaping product markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan (Polosa, 2015). A study was conducted among youths to identify youths who use electronic cigarettes in Malaysia and found that 9.1% or 300,000 buyers use vape. Of that number, 250,000 involve male youths and the remaining 50,000 female youths and this matter is very annoying (Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, 2019). 

Types of Famous Vape 

These two vape are the most popular vape right now. 

In addition, the vapor produced by vaping also contains solvents, which are contained in nicotine and flavorings. These solvents can cause irritation to the lungs. It should be noted that the higher the heat and the more vapors produced, the more nicotine is contained in each puff that is released.

It is undeniable that this vape activity is becoming increasingly popular among the country’s youth and it can be seen that this activity is escalating until now. These youths are exposed to images and displays in conventional media and the internet such as social media that show the various ways and styles of vape smokers that they consider something great and unique to be followed by many. There are also a variety of products marketed and sold such as vape smoking equipment and liquids or known as e-liquids have become widespread. Health equipment Malaysia has a variety of products that you need for your health

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