Drainage Systems And Their Advantages

Today, during the construction of country houses, the drainage system is provided without fail. Their main function is to preserve the integrity of the foundation and the house itself. In addition, a modern drainage system can also become a decorative decoration for a home.

The main task of the roof drainage system is to collect rainfall from the roof and remove it outside the site. But there are a few more useful properties:

  • Many summer residents know that rainwater has a beneficial effect on the mouth and plant development, and therefore they collect it in special barrels using gutters;
  • With the help of a drain, water can be taken far beyond the site, so that the ground or foundation is not washed out next to the house;
  • The gutter can direct water directly into the centralized sewage system.

Types of gutters

Depending on the technology of the device, watercourses are open and closed. Both technologies are relatively simple. An open gutter system can be made of PVC, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, zinc-titanium alloys, etc. Drainage systems are connected to each other in several ways: with glue or with a rubber seal.

When arranging gutters, several important factors must be taken into account: the material used, shape, color, cost, service life, and how simple the structure is to install.  

The most economical option is a PVC gutter system

Materials and components from which the drainage system is mounted have different cost and quality. Now polyvinyl chloride material is very popular. He has an affordable price and this material is not whimsical to install. But in terms of quality, it is much worse than the same galvanized steel and is not durable. For example, polyvinyl chloride gutters very quickly deteriorate if water froze in them in winter. In case of frost, PVC pipes simply break.

Galvanized steel also has its drawbacks. Gutter systems made of this material are prone to corrosion. But if the steel is coated with polymer substances, this protects the pipes from rust and makes the system more durable.

The most reliable material for the manufacture of gutters is considered to be copper, an alloy of zinc and titanium, and aluminum. But these materials have a fairly high cost, so not everyone can afford them.

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