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Buying an apartment is a deal that includes many nuances. Someone loves the first, someone loves the last floor, someone is attracted only by high-rise new buildings, and someone, a representative of the Coliseum Company real estate agency, spoke about all the technical and legal intricacies when choosing a Puchong condo or Ara Damansara Condo.

Technical aspects: New building

First, you need to pay attention to the developer, reviews about each can be found on the Internet. Here you will find out whether the houses are built according to GOST, what is the quality of the building, which management company serves, all the information will be important for you in the future.

Couples need at least 2-3 rooms, but older people can get by with one. It all depends on the number of people and plans for the future. 4-room apartments are considered low-liquid, which are not cheap, and besides, they are quite expensive in paying for utilities.

Layout of the living space

The choice of a good layout is included in the basic advice when buying an apartment in a new building. The convenient arrangement of the rooms will ensure a comfortable stay for all family members, and will automatically increase the liquidity of the living space in the event of a sale or exchange.

When is the best time to close the deal

The equity participation agreement allows you to purchase square meters at 30-40% cheaper even at the stage of laying the foundation. But, you need to be absolutely sure of the reliability of the developer. You do not risk anything when you purchase housing that has already been commissioned. In this case, ask the seller about promotions, discounts when paying the entire amount at once.

Verification of documents

The developer must have a license, permit, project and contract options for different types of transactions. Documents for secondary housing must also be in full, certified by a notary, checked for legal purity.

The possibility of installments, mortgages, loans

Now lending is provided for both primary and secondary housing. It all depends on the bank that provides such services.

If you are planning to buy an apartment in Malaysia, read the advice on choosing a district, a developer and the housing itself before concluding a deal. Then it will be possible to avoid many troubles and make a profitable investment in real estate.

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