Are Daily Supplements A Good Idea?

Every day we wake up to a brand new supplement being endorsed by the latest influencer of the year. It is almost like a ritual for every influencer to be caught with supplements by hand. This is hardly surprising considering supplement business is now a multi-billion dollar business around the world and more than 100,000 supplement products exist to this day. Whether it is liver supplements Malaysia has to offer or zinc supplements from Costa Rica, the demand is only rising.

As we are becoming more digitally aware, we question these supplements that are pushed by beauty and fitness influencers? Are they a waste of money or are they really as important as people claim? 

Science paints a very colorful picture of the necessity of supplements in daily life. 

The term dietary supplements is a very broad term that covers all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. It is aimed to fill in the nutritional gap that and add a bit of supplement to our life. this supplement could mean anyone vitamin such as Vitamin C or maybe even a Calcium tablet. Ofcourse, in a perfect world, we will be getting eight hours of sleep with a well-balanced meal every day. The meals and drinks would count for every vitamin and mineral we need, but the truth is we hardly take the necessary mineral or vitamin. So maybe a “supplement” is not such a bad idea.

There is both good news and bad news to the idea of daily supplements in our lives.

First of all, the bad news is that there is limited evidence that dietary supplements genuinely work. A lot of studies suggest that it simply does not have any preventable impacts or many profound effects on the body. This may be given due to the fact that most supplements are just mass-produced with no regulations. How do we really know if the supplements are simply empty gummy candies or not? (maybe not gummy candies). But given the mass production and the number of products it is certain what truly works and what simply does not. 

However, on the other side of the coin, credible supplements give us the daily nutrients we need. Doctors prescribe us supplements when we are lacking a certain vitamin or mineral. Exercise also need a good supply of supplement for us to have the optimum effect. 

We also understand that with age, our nutritional absorption declines. It is only common sense that we incorporate the necessary nutritional supplements with the help of additional products in our lives. Supplements will be a great addition to restoring the balance our body needs when the body is aging. 

Also, another great side to the daily intake of supplements is that they can help fix our poor eating habits. It is difficult to begin our journey to start eating healthy. But supplements can be the beginning of it. People are motivated to start finding their balance of eating junk food, sugary content with their need for daily supplements in life. To make sure they are well-nourished, people start to build upon their healthy eating plans that can aid in their daily supplement journey. Because it goes without saying that supplement alone is not a substitution for unhealthy eating habits. 

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