App For Social Media Marketer

Calling all the social media marketers out there! Your work is really tough and quite stressful, right? Let’s make you feel less stressed now because we will show you some app that might help you to make you feel less burden in doing your task. Without wasting our time, let’s dig in and see what social media app that you can download to make your work feel easier. 


Feel tired and do not have time to schedule your posting on time? Well, you should not worry so much now and let Planoly do it. What is Planoly? Planoly is an Instagram post planner that will help you to schedule your post and will automatically post it on time. According to Planoly website, Planoly can help to create the future, promote positivity, and empower other people. It is a really great app for anyone who wants to post something on their Instagram on time but does not have much time so what you can do is just schedule it on Planoly and let the app do it. 


Pretty sure there are many social media marketers out there that do not have the skill in using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator but you should not worry because in this era of technology there are many apps that you can use to edit and create posts Crello. Crello is quite similar to Canva if before this you have tried to use Canva so do not worry much because the interface is quite the same. Many social media companies Malaysia using this app because it is free but if you want to use premium features you need to pay some money to subscribe to it. You also can get ready to edit the template for free so what are you waiting for just click and simply edit using this app. 


Do not have any idea to write the caption, say less because there Captiona is here and you can easily choose the best caption for your post without feel stress thinking about the caption. Here you can easily enter the keyword that you want to insert in your caption such as marketing agency, social media marketer, or others. It will generate related caption and will help you a lot. Captiona is a perfect tool for Instagram and Snapchat. Actually, it is quite hard to find an app like Captiona so make sure Captiona is one of your lists to download because it really will help you in creating a really cool caption. 

Now, you know the tools that you can download to help you in making your task easier so what are you waiting for and go download it now. You might also want to view more online marketing social media Malaysia and discover social marketing services Malaysia. Those apps above will help you a lot especially for the social media marketer and maybe if you are a small business owner you want to download it too since you do not have a proper social media marketer.  Click here to know more.

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