Must-Have Baby Items for the First Three Months

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You might be asking, “What does a newborn genuinely require in the first weeks at home?” as you prepare to bring your new baby home. The response is an emphatic no.

Of course, it will appear that your child requires everything under the sun if you look through a baby registry recommendation list or enquire at a baby store. Some parents want all of the neat Pigeon baby products and gadgets that will make them and their children’s lives easier. For minimalists, budget-conscious parents, or stressed new parents, sticking to the basics is fine. Your infant will not notice the difference, we assure it.

Having the following basics on hand will get you through the first few days and weeks without having to rush out and make any last-minute purchases, ensuring that your baby is happy, well-fed, and has everything they need.

Clothes and a Layette

Although you may want a few gorgeous outfits to show off your baby, in those first few weeks, your child doesn’t require anything spectacular, so simple, plain, budget-friendly clothing will suffice.

It’s best not to buy too many newborn outfits because your baby will quickly outgrow them. At the same time, because newborn clothing can get soiled quickly, you’ll be changing outfits regularly. When making these purchases, think about how often you plan to do laundry and what the weather will be like when your baby is due.

 Pigeon baby products

Most doctors still recommend that babies wear hats for the first few weeks of birth, but if you live in a warm climate, you can usually skip the hat. Because blankets are no longer recommended for babies, having a few baby sleepers or sleep sacks on hand is essential.


Despite the fact that diapers are an obvious newborn essential, determining the ideal type for your baby can be difficult and stressful—who knew?! If you’re contemplating whether to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers, keep in mind that both have benefits and drawbacks, and the best decision is always to do what works best for your family and lifestyle. Many families, however, use both cloth and disposable diapers, so you can experiment with both to see which you prefer.

Make sure you have plenty of diapers on hand, since infants can go through up to ten diapers every day. Remember that kids will outgrow the newborn size in a few weeks, so don’t overstock.

Provisions for Feeding

If you’re breastfeeding, all you’ll need is your breasts—and the contact information for a qualified lactation consultant or breastfeeding support group in case you have any issues (as we almost all do at some point).

If you want to give your baby formula, talk to your doctor about which brands and types of formula to buy and how much to keep on hand when you bring your baby home. Make sure you have a few extra bottles on hand if you want to bottle-feed so you don’t have to wash them in the middle of the night. You’ll need a bottle brush, but you should also consider whether a bottle drying rack or a bottle washing dishwashing basket is required. A breast pump, nursing pads, and nipple cream are all essentials for new moms who plan to exclusively breastfeed their infants.…

An Overview of Online Baby Products

online baby products

Online baby products are just a piece of a much larger product. It is not just baby products, but also car seat, strollers, and dolls. Online baby products can be used in many ways. They can be used to save time, money and effort and they can be used to entertain babies in the process. The online market is one of the most competitive markets in the world. It is really difficult for parents to make educated decisions regarding their baby products. Online baby products are a good solution for this problem as they are not restricted to just a specific brand or category. Online Baby Products are a recent trend in the baby sector. In India, the online baby products market is exploding. It is expected to reach $1 billion by 2020. Online baby products have various advantages over traditional baby products like affordability, ease of use, and so on.

Online baby products

Baby products include clothes, diapers, and other items that help the infant develop their self-esteem and confidence. These products are not only for babies but also for parents who want to keep their babies safe and happy. Online baby products are marketed in different ways such as through different websites, catalogs, e-commerce sites, or retail stores. They have a wide range of options available to parents looking for the best way to keep their babies safe while they sleep or play. Online baby products are usually sold using online marketing channels such as e-commerce sites like Amazon or Walmart, catalogs like Babies R Us and Target, on websites like eBay or Etsy, etc.. They can also be found on social media platforms like Face book or Twitter.

Online baby products

Online baby products are among the most common online purchases, and hence, need to be well marketed. This has led to a surge in online baby products. In this section, we will discuss some of these online baby products and whether they are worth it or not Online baby products are becoming more popular in the world. However, they are also becoming more complicated to buy and use. We can expect to see a lot of online baby products that will be generated by AI writers as well. They provide context-based content generation and make sure that users stay on the site long enough to generate certain content for them. Baby products are devices used to keep a baby safe, healthy, and secure.

Online baby products are targeted to the online generation. They offer a great opportunity for online businesses to expand their online presence and create the right kind of emotional connection with their customers. Online baby products are selling more and more. More parents are buying the products online by using digital marketing and social media campaigns. Yet, there is still a gap between digital marketing methods and traditional parenting. Online baby products offer a huge opportunity to generate sales for parents. Online baby products can also be used as an alternative for offline baby products, because there is no need to travel to store in order to buy them.

Top 5 Baby Shower Gift For New Parents

A friend or relative is welcoming a new tiny member into their family and they are throwing a baby shower. You have no idea what to get them? No worries! Here are a few gift ideas to bring to a baby shower!

  1. A Baby Diaper Caddy

The primary function of a diaper caddy is to provide convenient access to all required products when changing your baby’s diaper as it can sometimes be hard to handle a newborn. Diaper caddies are a fantastic way to arrange baby changing necessities in a somewhat fixed location such as the house or car. This will come in very handy for the baby mama and dada,especially the ones that are always on the go! 

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  1. Bottle and Food Warmer

A bottle warmer is a simple and effective device for swiftly warming bottles of breast milk or formula. Warmers often include many heat settings, temperature controls, and automatically shut buttons to prevent overheating, and some can even thaw frozen breast milk or baby food.Warming a bottle using a mug or a big bowl and warm water from your kitchen sink is quite simple. However, you should avoid using the microwave for heating because it is not suggested. You may also feed the baby cold breast milk or room-temperature formula; most newborns won’t mind. It may not be a necessity for them but it will definitely make the parents’ lives much easier

  1. Baby Stroller

Strollers are the greatest solution for keeping the child safe and secure, whether you have two or three children or want to take a child on a long hike. More significantly, they will be constantly monitored and cared for by parents. The best thing about strollers is that they can be customised to meet your and your baby’s specific requirements. There are many options for strollers available online, it is important to buy reliable baby strollers in Malaysia.

  1. Swaddle Blankets 

It may appear like swaddling your infant is an art form. Wrap this up and tuck that away. It can be perplexing, especially if you’re up at 3 a.m. for a feeding. The parents get better sleep if parents learn and practise the technique of swaddling the infant. It will also make your kid feel safe and secure, just like they did in the womb. Swaddling an infant is an excellent technique to improve their sleep. When the baby sleeps better, the parents get to  sleep better as well. Pick a soft and warm material that will feel great and comfy for the baby to sleep in.  You could also teach new parents how to swaddle their baby! That’s a great gift too!

buy reliable baby strollers Malaysia
  1.  Baby Photo Album/ Journal

Getting a baby photo album or a journal is a great way to keep memories and take note of all the important points of life of the baby. It would be amazing for the grown up child to look back at the journal and get to know all the fun and happy moments from before and after they were born. It’s also great for parents to reminisce and miss all the cute moments with their baby! …

How To Handle A Newborn Baby?

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Everybody loves a baby, their heart would just melt like ice cream at the sight of a baby. Everything about this small human being seems so enchanting to everyone, from the moment they open their small eyes to the way they’ll grab your fingers in their small delicate hands. 

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Babies are the most adorable thing in this world, it is so easy for everyone to love them. However, handling a baby is totally different from that, you will need knowledge on how to handle a baby with care because they are the most delicate thing in the world. You need baby care products in Malaysia to be able to handle them with care. Here are some important things to know before handling a baby. 

Hold them with care. 

Baby’s are small and fragile and, a lot of dangerous things can happen to them. That is why when you are holding a baby you need to be gentle with them. They need the most support in their neck and head because they haven’t developed strong and protective skulls like us adults yet. When laying them down, they will need stable support for their head. No need for many pillows because this will strain their small neck. 

No rough play

Newborn babies are not up yet for rough play, they wouldn’t be able to give you a reaction. All they need is sleep and rest. Yes, they will be sleeping like an old man and, this is because babies are adjusting to their new life in this big and loud world. They need up to 16 hours of sleep because being born is a traumatizing event for this little person. However, they would not be sleeping for 16 hours straight. So you need to be constantly aware of their activities including their sleeping pattern. 

Bath Time

Bath time can be fun for new parents and babies. But you need to be careful because babies are slippery and not paying attention can cause drowning and that is the last thing we want to happen to any baby. Not only that, but the water temperature must be warm. Not too hot and not too cold. You can use soap to clean up your baby, especially on their neck, arms, and legs. Because that is where baby sweats the most and not cleaning them can cause skin irritation for the baby.  However, you need to use natural baby-friendly soap because harsh chemicals can cause a reaction on their soft skin. 


Newborn babies will be constantly hungry, but they cannot consume any food yet. So they will need to drink milk most of the time. Whether you are planning to breastfeed or not you need to be aware while feeding your baby, because they are learning how to eat for the first time. To avoid a horrible incident like choking on their bottle or the milk, mothers have to be fully awake and pay full attention while feeding their baby. 

Handling a baby is not easy and will never be easy, but you will cherish every moment because they are only that small and fragile once in a lifetime. And when they grew older they will no longer need you to help them to do easy tasks like feeding them or cleaning them. So you need to use this precious time as long as you can. …

Struggles of a pregnant mom

During pregnancy, your body plays an important role. Changes can be irritating or uncomfortable at times, and you may be anxious at other times.

There’s rarely a reason to be alarmed, but you should tell your maternity team about any concerns you have. Here are a few struggles of a mom.

  1. Backache 

The ligaments in your body soften and stretch naturally throughout pregnancy to prepare you for labour. This can induce backache by putting tension on the joints of your lower spine and pelvis. The added weight of your uterus, as well as the expanding hollow in your lower back, might exacerbate the condition.

There are a number of things you can do to help avoid backache and manage with a hurting back if it does arise.

Lifting big items should be avoided at all costs. Always bend your knees and maintain your back straight while lifting or picking something up from the floor.

pregnancy and nursing pillow in Malaysia

You should also invest in a good pregnancy and nursing pillow in Malaysia that will help reduce the back ache and improve your sleeping position.

These pointers can also help you protect your back; try remembering them on a daily basis:

  • When turning around, shift your feet to prevent twisting your spine.
  • Wear flat shoes so that your weight is spread evenly.
  • Work on a surface that is high enough to keep you from stooping.
  • When carrying groceries, attempt to distribute the weight evenly between two bags.
  • Ensure that your back is straight and adequately supported while you sit.
  • Long durations of standing or sitting should be avoided.
  • Make sure you get adequate rest, especially as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Make an effort to maintain proper posture.

You should also try maintaining a healthy weight to prevent your knees and legs from hurting too!

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  1. Hair Damage 

Hormonal changes might influence your hair during pregnancy, making it fuller or thinner. Learn more about these changes and whether or not you should use hair treatments or colour (dye) while you’re pregnant.

Hair has a life cycle of its own. Each hair develops for two or three months before being pushed out by a new hair developing in the same. This cycle shifts throughout pregnancy.

Around 15 weeks of pregnancy, many women notice that their hair is thicker.

This isn’t because each hair strand grows thicker; rather, the hair stays in the growth phase of its cycle for longer, resulting in fewer hairs falling out than typical. An increase in the hormone oestrogen is to blame.

Because your hair does not absorb enough hazardous chemicals to affect you or your baby, using hair colour, or ‘dye,’ is not considered to cause harm to your growing baby. Hair dye contains a small quantity of harmful substances. However, because there isn’t much data on hair dye and pregnancy, you might want to wait until after the first trimester to dye your hair.

It is also important to get through this wonderful journey of being a pregnant mom! Always seek help from your doctor if you are uncertain on how to handle a newborn. They would be happy to help!…

Breastfeeding is hard. Breastfeeding Means More Milk ?

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If you are a new mom and are struggling to produce enough breast milk for your baby, then you might want to try out these tips – they may just help. With all the time, money, and effort that goes into breastfeeding, come the inevitable “what-ifs” like, “Could I have just breastfed?,” and “Is it worth it?” Not all women have an easy time breastfeeding their children. Breastfeeding means more milk and more breastmilk. It can be painful, difficult and draining to pump breastmilk for a healthy infant. 

Breastfeeding and Your Milk Supply

When you are going to breastfeed, it is important to remember that your milk supply changes. Just like how your body adjusts from a fasted state (when you haven’t eaten for 12 hours) to a fed state (when you have recently taken in food), breastfeeding can cause your body to adjust from an empty-full state to an empty-mostly full state. A mother’s milk supply changes as the time goes on. The amount of milk a mother can produce will steadily decrease after six months of breastfeeding. The changes in her body alter the composition and digestion of her breast milk, which again may cause its quality to change.

lanolin product malaysia

Finding a Pump

Finding a pump can be difficult. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends finding a pump that is fully compatible with breast pumps and the type of pump requirements you have. If you are unable to find a pump, then there are many sources you can contact for help. Breastfeeding your baby is tough. There’s a long list of things to consider, the most important being how much milk you produce. If your baby is suffering from low weight gain or if you’re struggling to nurse, lanolin product Malaysia can be hard to figure out where the problem might be. The best thing you can do is find a good lactation consultant who will help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and offer suggestions on how to fix it. One of the things that consultants often recommend is using a pump.

What to Look For in a Pump

When your baby is born, you’ll be so happy and excited to feed them breast milk from your own body. But what if you can’t produce enough? One way to increase your supply of breast milk is with a pump. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a pump. Here’s some advice on how to shop for a good one.

Where to Buy a Pump

Breastfeeding pump brands are a dime a dozen these days. It’s important to know what could be the best option for your needs, as well as knowing where to buy a pump you’re sure is reliable and safe. The first step in starting to breastfeed is getting the right help. This can be a lactation consultant, a breastfeeding peer counselor, or even your doctor. Find an information session, schedule an appointment and they’ll help you through the process of wanting to start breastfeeding and figuring out what is best for you. Along with finding a helpful resource, it’s also necessary to find one that sells supplies that won’t break the bank.

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The Importance of Silicone Breast Pump Suction in Malaysia

silicone breast pump suction Malaysia

In recent years, the benefits of breast milk for a child have resurfaced and many parents and caregivers have gone back to breastfeeding. However, what no one talks about are the difficulties that mothers and primary caregivers go through when trying to breastfeed a baby. The baby may not latch on. The baby may latch on but not suckle. The baby may latch on and suckle, but may be too weak to properly get anything. In frustrating times like these, mothers tend to turn to breast pumps. 

Silicone breast pump suction in Malaysia

Breast Pumps- What are they? 

Lactating women use a silicone breast pump’s suction to remove milk from their breasts using a mechanical device. They can be either manual or automatic devices that are powered by hand or foot movements.

Breast Pumps- Uses

Silicone breast pumps are used for a variety of purposes. Many parents use them after they return to work to continue nursing. Their milk is expressed at work and then bottle-fed to their child by a caregiver. For women with a poor milk production or who have not yet given birth, a breast pump can be used to encourage lactation. A breast pump can also be used to address a variety of issues that parents may face while breastfeeding, such as difficulty latching, separation from an infant in intensive care, feeding an infant who is unable to extract enough milk from the breast, avoiding medication passing through breast milk to the baby, or relieving engorgement, a painful condition in which the breasts are overfilled. Even if the pumped milk is not utilized, pumping may be beneficial to sustain lactation and its accompanying hormones to aid in recovery after pregnancy.

Breast Pumps- Types

  1. Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps are operated by repeatedly squeezing or pushing a handle, allowing the user to adjust the amount of pressure and frequency of milk expression. Manual pumps are small and affordable, but they require a lot of effort and can be exhausting because the user is the sole source of power. These pumps may not give enough breast stimulation and emptying. Breast tissue can be damaged by “bicycle-horn” style manual pumps, which also harbor bacteria in the rubber suction bulb, which is difficult to clean.

Foot-powered breast pumps are similar to electric breast pumps in that they use the same collecting tube and breast horns, but they are powered by a foot pedal. This eliminates the requirement for manual pumping and the necessity to acquire a private electrical outlet.

Silicone breast pump suction in Malaysia
  1. Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps can be powered by a power outlet or a battery. They are available in single and double breast expressing variants. The suction is provided for the user by placing the cup over the breast, freeing one hand for other duties – or just a nice excuse to relax. The electric pump is the best option for women who express breastmilk on a regular basis since it is faster than the manual pump and allows them to express and store more breastmilk in less time. This is especially perfect for working mothers who need to express themselves but only have a limited amount of time. Electric pumps provide a higher suction, so they’re a better option if you’re having trouble triggering the let-down reflex.

Silicone breast pump suction in Malaysia is essential since many women are working mothers. In order to make infant care easier for them, breast pumps have become a cornerstone in child care in Malaysia. Mamacliqs has some of the best breast pumps in the market. These are efficient and budget friendly. To learn more about these pumps visit the official website of Mamaclipqs today! 

Silicone breast pump suction in Malaysia
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