Top 3 Interior Design companies in Malaysia

In Malaysia, if you need to make a new house or makeover the interior part of a building, you can hire an interior design company to design your interior to whatever it is you want that interior to be. An interior designer company hires interior designers like architects to make interior spaces of a house or a room or location in a building. They are also the ones that make the blueprints, plans, and hire contractors and builders to help them construct and renovate entire spaces within a house or building.

If you wish to work as an interior designer or in an interior design company, you can study architecture in university for a few years and you might be able to work for the top interior design company in malaysia. In this list, we will be listing the top three interior design companies in malaysia. Interior design companies are important to the construction industry, because without them, designs of interior spaces within a house or a building will not be as attractive or amazing looking compared to the ones that were designed by interior designers. We will start listing the top three interior design companies in Malaysia below.

  1. Norm Designhaus

In the interior design industry, Norm Designhaus is a jack of all trades. Their broad range of services appears to be infinite, providing interior design consulting, residential and industrial building and restoration, 3D rendering of architecture, carpentry and home design renovation, design of living spaces, and many more. 

Norm Designhaus specializes in building the ideal home of their clients, and they want to ensure that their design can be shared. They include their concept with a 360 augmented reality experience, assuring their customers how each inch of their ideal living room would look.

  1. Blaine Robert Design

The man behind the interior design company, Blaine Robert, has over 30 years of experience in the industry. His journey started in Japan for the first time and brought him to where he is now. It is not at all shocking, given how long he has been practicing interior design, that he has virtually perfected the trade, consistently selling decadent creations to his buyers.

One of the reasons for the success of the organization is its foundation, one founded on excellence, respect, and honesty. With Blaine Robert, you should hope to find world-class, eye-catching projects that not only align with your desires, but also integrate interior design ideas.

  1. Luxe Interior Sdn Bhd

With Luxe Interior, a proud recipient of the Asia Pacific Property Awards (2019-2020), your #dreamhome is only a consultation away.

Luxe Interior designs living spaces, business enterprises, and office spaces at affordable prices without losing the quality of design, led by a talented interior designer with more than 12 years of design experience. In addition to Malaysia, it represents customers in Australia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

In reality, for major hotels, offices, display units, and mansions, both here in Malaysia and abroad, Luxe Interior has produced posh and trendy interior designs. We’re talking about Sofitel, The Ruma Spa, Luang Prabang Pullman, and the Life Foundation, to name a few.

With the Luxe Interiors design process, you will not be left out of the loop either. From space planning (to show you the size and dynamics of your region) and to the interior design stage (where the team does the analysis, teamwork, and planning of the best designs for their interiors), the team of experts are with you.

In the event that your place only needs a dose of restoration to make it look brand new, Luxe Interior is also the one to order. A concept that complements your performance is often promised by the company. For more articles like this, click here.

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