Tupperware: the company that bet on sustainable food consumption without knowing it.

Tupperware food storage containers that

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a third of the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted. This amount is equivalent to 1,300 tons a year and the consequences of this waste go beyond the ethical aspect of throwing food away when a large part of the world population is hungry.

According to this United Nations organization, wasting food is also wasting all those resources, some of them scarce, that were necessary to produce them. For example, the seeds, the water, the feed, the labor, the energy, and the money that was invested in this whole process.

Tupperware food storage containers that

The challenge of preserving food

For centuries, the preservation of food in order to prevent deterioration has been a constant in the history of human beings. Processes such as drying, salting, or smoking kept the food in good condition for months.

This allowed its production in large quantities, its transfer from one place to another, and its subsequent storage. However, not all foods could be subjected to these treatments, so the waste of certain types of food was still inevitable and excessive.

Despite all these advances, a problem remained: what to do with that leftover food after opening the can, vacuum pack, or after cooking.

Although popular gastronomy has been based for centuries on the so-called exploitation of food, which creates new dishes from the remains of others previously cooked, the end of what is not consumed used to be garbage again.

For all these reasons, the appearance in the mid-1940s of a plastic container that hermetically preserved food, both cooked and fresh, was a worldwide revolution.

In addition, with the passage of time and without its inventor having planned it, this new invention has become one of the best allies to protect the environment. As you may have already deduced, we are talking about Tupperware.

In your daily life, the use of food storage containers that allow us not only to carry but to preserve a certain product, liquid or breakfast is very useful.

Choosing a Tupper is ideal to keep our product in good condition for when we need it. Adding that the plastic used to make them is free of bisphenol-A.

Using this type of product brings us different advantages and here are the most interesting ones.

Excellent quality and not just for food

They are designed to withstand sudden shocks, high temperatures, types of detergents.

You no longer have to worry or instruct your child to take care of the bowl against blows for a full day.

They are hermetic

A characteristic of this recognized brand is that all products are sealed avoiding the passage of air in the environment and inside the container.

How to benefit a more conservative product brings us towards the food or snack that we carry in our day-to-day.

Plastics against glass

It should also be noted that plastics have certain benefits over containers made of glass. This is for those who tend to prefer glass containers.…

Why We Should Stay Vigilant Amid Information-Sharing Online

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and high-speed internet Unifi 300mbps, the globe is a metropolitan on its own today. Stumbling blocks supposedly setting individuals apart such as geographical and time zone barriers have long been eliminated, having everybody staying connected anytime and anywhere they go. Besides, though giving our loved ones residing in a foreign country a holler was on exclusivity and luxury previously as it could cost us an arm and a leg, you can simply go on any free social networking channels (Whatsapp, Instagram, Line, WeChat, etc) today that allows unlimited stable phone calls provided your internet connectivity is as sturdy as that provided in Unifi package

unifi 300mbps

With the growing usage of social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc), we have since picked up the habit of sharing information of all kinds on our channels respectively to keep our followers or connections updated. While that may seem like a neutral thing to do on this very day, we should acknowledge the fact that not all information should be given publicity and we have to be extra vigilant on the kind of digital footprints we have left behind. 

Information Not To Be Shed Light On Online

Personal Details 

While fundamental biography details (name, age, gender) are essential whilst registering for any social media accounts, we should stay away from sending our locations and banking details on such an open platform. Should we be liaising with an online seller to complete a transaction, ensure that their venture is legitimate prior to giving them our trust to prevent potential scammers from exploiting our personal details for illegal terms. 

Information That Should Remain Undisclosed At All Possible Means

Apart from that, avoid spreading family or relationship affairs at the expense of those involved. If we feel the need to share it with someone trustable, do it in a rather secretive way be it face-to-face interaction or a private chat that can help generate less exposure. At the end of the day, if we are looking for a resolution, the most mature way is to talk to the ones whom we are in conflict with rather than seeking opinions from those who know little to nothing of the entire issue. Anything monetary-related should also be kept private. While winning the lottery gives us a sense of achievement, sharing the news through social media platforms may not be the best thing to do as it invites the attention of potential culprits.

Intimate Images Or Videos 

Resist the urge to send out images and videos that can potentially destroy our livelihood. Notwithstanding the amount of trust we can give for that one person withholding our images and videos, we can never predict whether these footages will be kept in safe hands presumably months or years after. Bear in mind that we leave digital footprints every action we take on the internet, rather than crying over spilled milk, be mindful of what we share because we can never be too sure. 

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